Photo credit - Contanse Mensh

Photo credit - Contanse Mensh

Shelley Spector is a multidisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. In her practice she responds to available resources, often discarded, in combination with a changeable work environment. She produces distinct bodies of work that search for social interconnections. Her work is part of many public and private collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which presented her solo exhibition “Keep The Home Fires Burning” in 2015, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC. Spector has received grants from the Pollock-Kranser Foundation, Independence Foundation Fellowship in the Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Leeway Foundation. 


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Aaronson Gallery, University of the Arts, The Nowadays, Philadelphia, PA
2016 Room & Board, I Live Here, Brooklyn, NY
2015 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Keep The Home Fires Burning, Philadelphia, PA
2013 Le Boîte, Long Time Thing, New York, NY
2013 Bridgette Mayer Gallery, But Not As Much As Tommorow, Philadelphia, PA
2012 EKG Exhibition Space, Dreck Grove, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Gallery Joe, Big Ditty, Philadelphia, PA
2008 Fleisher Art Memorial, Challenge Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
2005 Painted Bride Art Center, I Am On Your Shoulders, Philadelphia, PA
2002 Sande Webster Gallery, Fly, Philadelphia, PA
2002 Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Mamaloshen, Philadelphia, PA
2000 Sande Webster Gallery, Woodies, Philadelphia, PA
1998 Sande Webster Gallery, Familiar Figures and Five Letter Words, Philadelphia, PA
1995 Axis Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1993 Delaware Center For Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE
1993 Catherine Starr Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Showcase Gallery, Prints I Have Known and Loved, Al Quoz, Dubai
2018 A Guide To The Field, Encampment, Mountaindale, NY
2014 Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Within The Foreground, Philadelphia, PA
2014 Icebox Project Space, Begin Where You Are, Philadelphia, PA
2014 Delaware Art Museum, FIberNext, Wilmington, DE
2014 Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Print/Line, Philadelphia, PA
2014 Juniata College Museum of Art, Philagrafika, 10 Years…, Huntingdon, PA
2011 The Print Center, To Scale, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Portrait of the Artist, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Philadelphia Ethical Society, The Tract House, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Little Berlin, This Is The Last Place That Can Save My Heart, Philadelphia, PA
2008 Subliminal Projects, Big Kids, Little Kids, Los Angeles, CA
2008 The Print Center, SHOP: Art, Commerce and the Printed Image, Philadelphia PA
2008 Cinders Gallery, Big Kids, Little Kids, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Kissing The Mezuzah, Philadelphia, PA
2007 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Contemporary Art on Paper, Philadelphia, PA
2007 Bucheon Gallery, Faithfully, San Francisco, CA
2006 55 Mercer Gallery, Philadelphia Print Portfolio, New York, NY
2004 Antisocial, Everybody Rules Everything, Vancouver, BC
2004 Space 237, Philly and Friends, Toledo, OH
2003 Gallery Schlesinger, First Person, New York, NY
2002 Institute Of Contemporary Art, Scratch Off the Serial, Philadelphia, PA
2000 Lancaster Museum of Art, In Our Own Backyard, Lancaster, PA
1999 Finer Gallery, From Head to Toe, Nashville, TN
1997 Paley Design Center, New Dimensions, Philadelphia, PA
1996 Sande Webster Gallery, Just Jazz, Philadelphia, PA
1994 Intermedia Arts, High Flying, Minneapolis, MN
1993 Institute Of Contemporary Art, High Flying, Philadelphia, PA
1993 City Hall, Art In City Hall, Philadelphia, PA
1992 Civilization Gallery, Group Show, New York, NY


2009 Philadelphia International Airport, Waiting Is Part Of It, Philadelphia, PA
1996 Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Men with Power, Philadelphia, PA


2018 RAIR Recycled Artist In Residency, Philadelphia, PA
2018 Mildred's Lane, Beach Lake, PA
2017 Mildred's Lane, Beach Lake, PA
2016 Monte Azul Artist Residency, Costa Rica
2016 Room and Board Residency, Brooklyn, NY
2015 Cross Pollination Residency, Philadelphia, PA
2013 Monte Azul Artist Residency, Costa Rica
2011 Breadboard Residency, NexFab Studio, Philadelphia, PA
1994-1995 Artist in Residence – Sculpture, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA


2018 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
2018 Leeway Window of Opportunity Grant
2017 University of the Arts President’s Fund for Excellence
2017 University of the Arts Faculty and Academic Development Fund
2014 University of the Arts Faculty and Academic Development Fund
2013 Independence Foundation Fellowship in the Arts
2012 Leeway Art and Change Grant
2011 Faculty Development Grant, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
2010 Faculty Development Grant, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
2004 Independence Foundation Fellowship in the Arts
2000 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
1999 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Selected Collections

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
West Collection, Oaks, PA
Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia. PA
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
The Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Human Rights Campaign, Washington, DC
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Children’s Center, New York, NY
Ballard Spahr Andrews Ingersoll, Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia, PA
The Reinvestment Fund, Philadelphia,PA
Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia, PA
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
Morgan Lewis & Bockius, Philadelphia, PA
PECO Energy, Philadelphia, PA
Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Memorial Regional Medical Center, Hanover County, VA
Corestates Bank, Wilmington, DE
W.L. Gore and Associates, Elkton, MA
HBO Incorporated, New York, NY

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University of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Art, 1994
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 1980-1981