Total of 12 posts and 17 signs

Sign Dimensions - 19 1/2 x 26 x 3/4”

Description -

1-The breakaway unit is cast grey iron. It attaches to the cement pavement with three 3/8” x 4” bolts. The socket head bolt, when tightened expands part of the unit to secure the attached pole. The breakaway area is an omnidirectional shear point located above the collar (see #4) that holds the bolt.

2- The unit is a SNAP’n SAFE Surface Mount Breakaway Anchor For Round Post, Manufactured by Designovations and is NCHRP compliant.

3-The mount will support a 2 3/8” galvanized steel pole that is 16 guage and 8’ tall. The pole is covered in top with a galvanized steel cap.

4-The collar attaches over the breakaway unit and is cast aluminum It is secured in three locations around the top with three tamperproof 3/4” inch set screws that go through the steel pole. The bottom of the collar has three tabs that closely encircle the base of the mount.

5- The sign is cast A356.2 Aluminum and attaches to the pole with two one-way bolts and breakaway nuts that go through holes in the pole and the sign.

6-The painted surface of the sign will be baked automotive paint in colors that match Philadelphia streets and parking signs. (black, white, red, and green)

Locations - There will be two on each street.

Northside of 6200 block of Pine

Southside of 6200 block of Pine

Northside of 6200 block of Osage

Southside of 6200 block of Osage

Westside of 62nd between Osage and Pine

Eastside of Cobbs Creek between Osage and Pine

Manhole Cover

Total of 6

Dimensions - 26” x 1/2” (without legs)

Description -

The manhole covers are cast ductile iron. They are set into pavements in the areas of cement sidewalks that front easements. They are non-functional and inset so that their highest surface is flush with the pavement surface. The inset areas are 1/4” below the pavement surface. Three stainless steel “legs” screw into the bottom of the cover to support them for installation and to secure them below the surface of the concrete.

Locations – two on each block

South side of 6200 block of Pine

North side of 6200 block of Osage

South side of 6200 block of Osage


Total of 7

Dimensions – 10’ wide

Cobb’s Creek Pkwy, Crossing Osage: 25.5 feet

Cobb’s Creek Pkwy, Crossing of Pine: 43.5 feet

Pine Street, North crossing of 62nd: 44 feet

Pine Street, South crossing of 62nd: 44 feet

Pine Street, West crossing of Pine: 44.5 feet

Pine Street, East crossing of Pine: 44 feet

62nd Street, Crossing of Osage: 25.5 feet

Description -

The crosswalks will be either a preformed thermo-plastic or painted with an asphalt marking option.