The Nowadays is a series of investigations and resulting artworks that explore the idea of circular economy in an artist’s practice.

This project will involve a cross-­‐disciplinary approach to new work with support from Anthony Guido and Design for Social Impact, Polly McKenna-Cress with student(s) from the Museum Studies and Lori Spencer with a student from the School of Art. The work will be part of the Alumni Spotlight in the Arronson Gallery, a feature of Art Unleashed, 2017. It is intended the exhibition include the progression of selected past work with descriptive labels to present to event attendees the evolution of an artist‘s practice and the increasing internal challenges an artist sets forth.

Through studio work and research, The Nowadays will explore the theory that an artwork might create needed resources for a community and that by building that intention into a sculpture/installation, the artwork serves as a positive community- based intervention.

 A goal of the project is to reevaluate the activity of making artwork and exhibitions in terms of the time, space, energy, money and additional resources required before, during, and after it’s made. This awareness will inform new works that push for economic and socially responsible creativity.